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Approximately 8 weeks ago Five Starr Pilates & Fitness launched its Five Starr XR training program.  The regimen provides customized personal training in an 8 week challenge format.  The program is designed to be tough but rewarding and has proven results!  The two key elements of the XR challenge are nutrition and exercise.  Designed to reset your body, shake you out of your old ways and help you develop new and lasting healthy habits.

During the 8 weeks clients meet privately with their trainer 3 times per week for one hour sessions.  Each hour includes strength training, cardiovascular training and stretching.  During the 8 weeks clients are taught the basic fundamentals of healthy eating to help each client make better choices and develop new habits that support their specific lifestyle. Each meal plan is developed and customized to support the rhythm of the client’s life.

The XR Challenge is designed to support clients comprehensively….accountability..hard work…support and dedication = EXTREME RESULTS!!

Our first two clients, Lina and Wendy completed their first challenge on 8/8/14.  Here are some things the ladies had to say about what they learned, gained and LOST during their personal challenge:

FSPF:  What made you commit to a personal challenge?  Why now?

Lina:      “Because it is never too late.…I am diabetic and decided this year to start cycling at Five Starr Pilates & Fitness and try to lower my blood sugar naturally.  I heard about the XR program and with the encouragement of Karrie, my personal trainer, I made the investment in myself.  Karrie was a big part of me joining.”
Wendy:      “I decided to take control of my health once more after having my 3rd baby….During my last pregnancy I had gestational diabetes and since diabetes runs in my family I decided to take action.  I began my journey in January cycling at Five Starr Pilates & Fitness.  I hit a plateau in a few months then after discussing with my husband I decided to do the challenge.”

FSPF:     How did you find time for yourself?
Wendy:     “I turned to my entire family..my mom, dad and husband all took turns taking care of my little ones so that I could make my appointments and attend cycling classes….it has taken a village.”
Lina:     “The challenge is ME time…after work it (the studio) is my place to be.”

FSPF:     Did you follow the eating plan religiously?  Were you perfect?
Lina:     “No, I was not perfect, but I did learn how bad foods have a bad effect on my body.  I followed a better eating plan, but during my 2nd round on the challenge it is my goal to be close to perfect.”
Wendy:     “I have been following a clean eating plan since January.  I most definitely was not perfect.  I love to cook, and I love my wine!  I go on date nights with my husband and on vacation with my family.  Yes, I allow myself to indulge once in a while.  However, I have learned to control how much I allow those indulgences.  I notice that when I eat better, I feel better and I can exercise with more energy.  I enjoy that feeling.”

FSPF:     Speaking of perfect, Have you learned anything about the notion of  perfection and your ideas concerning fitness and eating perfection?
Wendy:     “I have learned that there is no such thing as being perfect.  We just strive to do our best and remember we are human.  I have learned to be patient with my body and love it for what it does for me.”
Lina:      “I am a work in progress…I am a REAL, HEALTHY, STRONG WOMAN”

FSPF:     Why did you choose a challenge like this at Five Starr Pilates & Fitness instead of a big gym or warehouse gym? 
Lina:     “Many reasons.  First, it is cozy which makes me feel comfortable.  The studio puts me in a good mood because it is so clean.  The staff is welcoming, they know your name and they are like your cheerleaders always cheering you on.  The studio is intimate so I am not worried about other people staring or judging me.  It doesn’t feel like a gym, it feels like a spot you to to laugh, talk and sweat it out.”
Wendy:     “For me, the studio is right around the corner from my home.  It is such a nice clean gym.  I feel like I am at the spa!  I am completely in awe of my trainer, Karrie.  It makes it a million times more special when the person training you really gets what it is like to love food and to work out hard.  I have had other trainers…I was very disappointed in them.  I have gone to big gyms and also enjoy them, but they can’t compare to the comfort I feel and the camaraderie I feel working out alongside other women who are there to be healthy and are not there to just flaunt their cute outfits.”

FSPF:     What was the most important thing you learned about yourself during the challenge?

Wendy:     “I have learned that I can stick to an exercise routine for a long period of time.  I am now that person who is constantly at the gym causing people to call ME a gym rat…that’s ok with me.”
Lina:     “I am stronger than I thought I was…I underestimated myself”








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