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Really. Try out this Place. You’ll Thank me Later.

“As they say, seeing is believing.  Came across this place because you get to a certain stage in your life when you realize that the metabolism you had back-when no longer exists. The pounds then add up…you look in the mirror and realize that you no longer recognize yourself. This was my experience. Needed a shed a few pounds. Running cross-country in HS and some in college did something to my knees so I had to cut back.

Had done some cycling/spin classes some time ago when I was on a gym membership. Remembered that I loved it. Remembered the feeling I had of knowing my butt had been kicked, and the pride that comes from accomplishment. And I wanted that back.

In comes Five Starr Pilates and Fitness. Found them through Groupon, but decided to purchase directly with them. Signed myself and hubs up at 11pm for a 6am spin class. Just like that. And I don’t think I can ever go back.

The first thing that hits you when you enter the studio is how everything is rightly and appropriately placed. As a person who appreciates interior design, the attention to deal the owner has put into place is immaculate. Even the smallest things are considered (e.g. hair ties for those who need them). They offer towels and ice-cold water (a plus for the hubs). Very clean. Great equipment. You definitely don’t feel like you’ve entered a spin class that makes you wonder whether the person before you forgot to do a wipe-down. Our instructor Josh was great. Upbeat. Very helpful when we had some questions.

Needless to say, we left impressed. Such a needed gem in the area of Bixby Knolls as most classes are on the opposite end of town toward downtown LB.

Really. Try out this place. You’ll thank me later.”

Linda S. – Long Beach, CA 

Five Starr Pilates is Well Named, Because they are a Five-Star Operation.

“Five Starr Pilates is well named, because they are a five-star operation. I started with an introductory offer and have always been treated like a valued, full-paying client. Yes, the classes are more expensive than going to your $10 a month gym, but classes are small and it is truly like having a personal trainer, but not as expensive as one.

The studio and equipment are top notch and super clean. The studio offers a lot of complementary amenities for client comfort that you typically only see at high-end spas or salons.

They have an app for making appointments that is easy to use. You do need to make an appointment for your class, but I’ve never had a problem getting in, and you can make them at the very last minute as long as there is a spot available. If you are a no-show you are charged a fee but hey, they are running a business here and they saved a spot for you.

They have a cycling class that looks really intriguing, but I have not taken that yet. The cycles look different from the regular gym cycles, I have heard only good things about it, and it is very popular. I just don’t know if I could survive an hour.

But I love the Pilates. I went in not knowing anything about what a reformer was, (it’s that piece of equipment you are on), but I  like any exercise that you can lay down for the most part! The exercises are varied, it’s never boring, and time passes so quickly. Afterwards, I feel like I got a great workout, but am so energized.

The classes have both beginners and advanced in them, but it is never a problem even though we do the same exercise, because it’s kind of like how with yoga, all levels can be in the same class.

Really glad I found this place. “

Nani B. – La Palma, CA 

This Place is Amazing!

“This place is amazing! It is the cleanest environment for starters, and decorated so well, but most importantly the workouts are incredible. The teachers are all fantastic, knowledgeable and personable. I normally have a hard time getting myself to a class to workout but at Five Starr I actually look forward to going. Give it a try, I highly recommend!”

Stephanie H. – Long Beach, CA

It Felt Like I was in a Spa Rather than a Gym.

“My girlfriend has been going here for awhile and always had great things to say so I gave it a try 2 weeks ago and LOVED it.  The first thing I noticed as soon as I walked in was how clean and fresh the gym smelled.The bikes looked brand new and were so easy to work with. They provide towels, water and snacks after as well. It felt like I was in a spa rather then a gym. I took a cycling class and was thrilled to have someone push me to my limits with such a fun positive attitude.

The first class was free and they have great package deals as well.”

Kelly W. – Long Beach, CA

The Instructors are Amazing and the Equipment is the Best.

“If you haven’t been in to Five Starr yet you are missing out on a great experience! I have taken many Pilates classes and Cycling classes at different locations and this one has the best of both!

You walk into the studio and you can feel the calming positive energy! The instructors are amazing and the equipment is the best of best. I hope you will take the time to do something great for your soul and your body and take a class- you will have great time and feel great when you are done.”

Kimber G. – Long Beach, CA

I'm Seeing Really Good Results Already.


I have been going since they opened. Great classes lots of energy. I’m also seeing really good results already.”

Emmy E. – Long Beach, CA

I Felt Right at Home and You Will Too.

“I am hooked!!! Ok, I have to admit that I can’t say that I love to exercise, just hearing the word puts me into resistance! I did have some knowledge of Pilates before going to Five Starr… I am one of those people that has a room dedicated to working out… it’s pretty…but honestly I am hardly ever in there!!!! I even have a Pilates Reformer! Because, I know how important health and fitness is to maintaining well being and long life! And, I had to learn how to use that new reformer I have at home.

I did my research, and I began my first experience with Five Starr by signing up online with a special that included 1 “free” private orientation and 4 group sessions! Entering Five Starr I was cheerfully greeted by Starr the owner, who obviously has impeccable taste. The facility is beautifully colored, and has an upscale feel without being stuffy! The Pilates area is open yet cozy! For someone like me that has been more adverse to the whole fitness thing, it was perfect! My orientation was with Danielle. Danielle is very personable with a calm demeanor, but don’t let that beautiful Ivory girl look fool you! She works you! She is able to stay on count, watch your form, direct your moves, explain what muscles your working, and gently correct and protect you by safely showing you the correct form. It is amazing!!!

The group class was just as amazing, myself and three other ladies in the early morning, follow Danielle’s instruction and together we learn things about bodies through mind/body coordinated moves on the Reformer!!! I know you guys that are experienced fitness lovers will love Five Starr, but I really want to encourage others like me that have been resistant to exercise to give Five Starr a try. I felt right at home you will too!”

Yelp Review: April 2013

No Other Pilates Studio Compares to This.

“What a remarkable place to do Pilates and cycling. Doesn’t feel like a cold and impersonal corporate style gym where you need a tour guide!  It’s warm, inviting and personable, feels like a home style gym yet professional and super clean, offering all the amenities of home; shower, water, snacks, storage, music, warmth and love.

Easy access right on Long Beach Blvd that runs through the entire City of Long Beach, just go either south or north to the family community of Bixby Knolls where everyone looks out for one another.  Starr is the most loving and kind business owner I’ve met.  She always finds solutions and accommodates everyone. The instructors are a reflection of her: motivating, friendly, patient, approachable.  The pricing is very competitive and payments can be made online or in person, just what a consumer wants – choice.  No other Pilates studio compares to this uniqueness!

Congratulations Starr! Wishing you years of success you deserve!”

Ylondra B. – Long Beach, CA

I Would Recommend it to Anyone at Any Fitness Level.

“I was pleasantly surprised by Five Starr Pilates & Fitness! I had always thought Pilates was for dancers or perhaps gymnasts – you know the naturally flexible type! So I shied away from ever even attempting a class. So with much trepidation I decided to give it a whirl and what a surprise -I could do the workout and I enjoyed it! I would recommend it to anyone at any fitness level. I’m excited to have my kids try it – high school and college athletes- I think they would benefit from the training too!”

Renee H. – Long Beach, CA

It's a Great Workout!

“I was so excited to take my first Pilates Reformer class on March 9, 2013. When I walked into Five Starr Pilates & Fitness it felt very calm and peaceful. The décor was beautiful and I really liked the boutique type setting. The instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable. I definitely learned a lot about Pilates and it is a great workout! Thank you to all for making me feel so welcome.”

Bari B. – Long Beach, CA

I am Now Hooked and Looking Forward to the Next Class.

“I do not like working out. I was invited to Five Starr Pilates and Fitness to come and check out the facility. When I walked in the building it was warm and inviting. I tried the Pilates class for the first time. It was new so I didn’t quite know what to expect but it was exciting at the same time. Over the course of the next week I tried a spin class with Linda, a spin class with Richard and a Pilates/Spin combo class with Starr & Linda. For someone who doesn’t like to work out – I am now hooked and I am looking forward to the next class!”

Idalia S. – Long Beach, CA