Frequently Asked Questions

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Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for free movement.  Avoid clothing with pockets or embellishments that could damage the leather surface of the reformer carriage.  You may wear socks or go barefoot during the class.  A small towel is often useful if you tend to perspire during exercise. 

When attending a reformer class we hope you will take advantage of the marvelous opportunity to allow your mind an hour respite from all that is required of you in your busy life and take 50 minutes to connect with your body.  You will be astonished at how quickly time  passes.  We hope you will leave class with a refreshed spirit, mind and body.  You will also notice on our Classes page special icons that indicate any special equipment or clothing needed for each of the classes we offer.

Five Starr Pilates & Fitness clients are afforded convenient priority parking across the street at the 3745 Long Beach Blvd parking lot if our parking lot is full. Please cross the street responsibly when coming and going to and from the studio. You may also park along Long Beach Blvd in front of our building, but there is a 2 hour parking limit here so be mindful of the duration of time that you are in the studio so you are not cited.

All purchases expire 3 months from the date of purchase.  In order to extend the expiration date all you have to do is see a front desk staff member to purchase the same or larger package and we will extend the date of your previous package to coincide with that of the newly purchased package.

You may phone the studio at 562-595-7888 and one of our front desk support staff will be glad to assist you or you may log on to your account and cancel/withdraw from the class using the online booking system. If you must cancel please do so at least 12 hours before the scheduled class. If you must cancel with less than a 12 hour notice, unfortunately you will forfeit the purchase price of that class. If you cancel with greater than 12 hour notice you will not be charged. Monthly members will be charged a LATE CANCEL fee of $10.00 per occurrence, while block packages will be charged the cost of the entire session for a LATE CANCEL.

To experience the optimal benefits of Pilates, it’s important to commit yourself regularly! We recommend a minimum of 2 – 3 times per week, more if you can make the time. Whether in a private session, group class, or a sculpt class – consistency will accelerate your results and greatly enhance your overall health.

In less than one month you will feel a difference and hopefully even see one. Everyone responds differently but wonderful change will happen if you commit to doing Pilates every week! “10 sessions- Feel the difference. 20 sessions- See the difference. 30 sessions- Have a new body!” -Joseph Pilates

We recommend you take private sessions when you are pregnant and just starting out. Your body is going through so many changes and many adjustments will have to be made that a group class will not allow the time or attention you will need. If you are a current client you may continue with your current Pilates schedule (group classes and private sessions) through the 1st trimester (3-4 months). Then you will need to have the teacher’s approval to continue in a group class after 4 months. If you need to take ½ hour private sessions (they are more affordable for some people) this may be an option.

Yes we have a growing number of male clients taking all of our classes! We offer a nurturing and respectful environment in our classes and hope you will encourage all your friends and family to join you!

It is recommended that you bring a flip cap water bottle and cycling shoes with SPD clips.  Cycling shoes are not required, but they do increase the benefits of cycling – supplying a stronger more biomechanically sound pedal stroke which benefits the hamstrings and quadriceps most efficiently and also protects the knees.  You should arrive at least 5 minutes before class to set up your bike and change your shoes.  No more long lines to take a cycling class.  With our online booking system, your bike is reserved for only you, so just allow yourself enough time to get to class safely.  You will also notice on our Classes page special icons that indicate any special equipment or clothing needed for each of the classes we offer.

Our bikes feature SPD-compatible pedals as well as conventional cages for use with sneakers.

We do allow walk ins, but we can’t guarantee you’ll have a bike.  Only those clients that sign up online ahead of time and arrive by the start of class are guaranteed bikes.  Our online scheduling system is quick, easy, and convenient to use.

In the past indoor cycling has been associated with “kill-‘em-on-a-bike” types of workouts.  At Five Starr, we have some of the best educated instructors out there who appreciate the benefits of varying workout intensity.  They understand and appreciate that students need to go at their own pace and encourage them to do so.   Each student is on her own bike and has full control over resistance, speed and overall intensity.  We respect that each person is on a unique fitness journey and honor them wherever they might be along that path.  There is a place for everyone at Five Starr Pilates and Fitness.