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Starr attended Southern Utah State University where she majored in Business.  After a 20 year career in early childhood development Starr  began courses in Pilates Reformer, Advanced Reformer and additional coursework in Injuries & Special populations as well as Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology with JG.   Her down to earth personality helps clients feel at ease and welcome no matter what their fitness level.

Starr’s students love her humor, lighthearted approach and ability to make them laugh while they sweat! When she is not teaching Starr enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, movies, reading, decorating, cooking, spending quiet time at the beach and learning new things.

Favorite quote: “Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.”



Adam holds a BS in Kinesiology Exercise Science from CSULB and is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University of St Augustine for Health Sciences.  Adam holds a Comprehensive Pilates Certification from The Pilates Institute of Southern California and also earned certificates in Barre Above with Pilates Focus, TRX and Triggerpoint.

Adam has been teaching since 2010. Understanding the why behind a movement allows Adam to modify any given exercise for all clients to give them healthy proven results.  His applied research based concepts in Exercise Science make him a dynamic instructor.

Adam’s students appreciate his ability to enter each session with an open mind and always come with a broad plan,  while also taking time to listen to client’s needs and how they are feeling.  He takes the feedback into consideration in deciding where the class or session should go and how to best meet the client’s needs for the day;  not just in their body, but their overall well being.

In his spare time Adam enjoys relaxing at home with his partner, daughter and his dogs.  Adam loves fitting in time for a good Pilates workout and weight training and also getting to the ocean for some scuba diving in warm water if possible!

Adam is 31 years old and the first in his family to obtain a college education!  He is the youngest of three children, raised by an engineer entrepreneur that naturally gave him a curiosity toward science and how things work, but also the drive, grit and tenacity to get things done.

Adam’s Favorite Quote:  “If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou



Beatrice holds numerous fitness certifications and enjoys taking ongoing education to help her meet the needs of her clients.  Beatrice has been teaching fitness classes including indoor cycling, pilates and bootcamp classes since 2005.  Beatrice loves seeing people grow and accomplish their goals.  Her students love hearing Beatrice’s story of weight loss and spiritual healing that she shares so freely with others.

In her spare time Beatrice enjoys bible study, fashion and studying Greek and Hebrew prayer.  Beatrice is a 49 year old  thyroid cancer survivor.

Favorite Quote:  “Love thy neighbor as thy self.”  – Jesus



Brenda attended the College of Rio de Janiero in Brazil, where she is studied Journalism in her native country.  Brenda completed her STOTT Pilates certification in Reformer and Advanced Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels as well as Injuries and Special Populations courses in 2013.

Brenda’s compassion and great sense of humor coupled with her attention to detail make her a great instructor who believes everyone is capable of improving their health through exercise.  You will find Brenda’s classes energetic and fun with attention to form being a priority.

 In her spare time Brenda loves to curl up with historical fiction and is always eager to share her love of literature with others.  Brenda enjoys cooking and making delicious and healthy meals for her son, daughter and husband and creating that special family bond that forms during dinners shared together.

Favorite quote:  “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything”  – Vincent VanGogh

Dara Five Starr Pilates and Fitness Instructors


Dara has been teaching for over 20 years.  She takes pride in giving clients a challenge in every class.

Dara enjoys spending time with her family and exercising in her spare time.

edna hogue cycling instructor


Edna holds a B.S. in International Business and an M.A. in Global Logistics –  both from California State University Long Beach.

Edna has been teaching since 2015 and is certified in cycling, Les Mills –  Body Pump, Body Combat, SPRINT as well as Pop Pilates.

Edna is a lover of movement and music.  Music fuels her soul and she loves to share that enthusiasm with her classes.

Students in her classes enjoy that she is engaging, motivating and humorous. Edna loves to learn about her students lives and support each person on their fitness journey.

In her spare time Edna enjoys traveling, cooking, dancing and spending time with friends and family.  Edna has 2 rambunctious boys.

Favorite quote: “Live Unapologetically” – unknown

In her spare time Elena enjoys spending time with family, yoga, cycling and traveling.

Favorite Quote:  “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”   – African Proverb

Eleanor cycling instructor



Eleanor has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

She has been teaching since 1996 and is certified in cycling, group fitness, Les Mills, Body Combat, Body Pump, HIIT, and is CPR certified.

It is important to Eleanor to connect with members and empower them to work hard for their goals.

Clients enjoy that she always gives them and intense workout.

In her spare time Eleanor enjoys gardening, cooking and entertaining friends at home.

Eleanor is the eledest of 7 children and adores her 4 dogs – 3 of which are rescues. 

Favorite Quote:  “Eyes on the prize and the rest will follow”

In her spare time Elena enjoys spending time with family, yoga, cycling and traveling.

Favorite Quote:  “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”   – African Proverb

Five Starr Pilates & Fitness Instructors Lindsey


Lindsey is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer with 20 years of experience . Her background includes training others for amateur body building contests, being the spokeswomen for fitness products and choreographing fitness DVD’s.  Lindsey is  certified to teach a variety of strength training formats, Spinning, and pilates.

Lindsey finds true satisfaction when she can help transform body’s and minds through fitness.  Her mission is to create a memorable experience for every level of fitness enthusiast!

Favorite Quote:  “Treat others as you want to be treated” – Matthew 7:12

5 Starr Pilates & Fitness Instructors Linzey


Linzey has earned her BA from UNC -Asheville in Women’s Studies and also her  Master’s from the University of Minnesota.

Linzey has been teaching fitness classes since 2015.  Linzey’s creativity , playfulness and encouraging attitude that gets clients to go deeper make her a dynamic instructor.    Linzey’s clients love how she pays attention to details, her class flow and her sense of humor when teaching.

When she isn’t teaching Linzey enjoys exploring, dancing and laughing whenever possible.

Favorite Quote or saying:  “The universe trades up.”

Five Starr Pilates & Fitness Instructors Liz


Liz earned her BA in French from Cal State Fullerton and her Master’s in International Education from Columbia University.  She also majored in Dance at Cal State Long Beach.

Liz has been teaching fitness classes since 1980.

Liz’s dance background, detailed technique and ability to challenge her clients to improve make her a dynamic instructor.  Her clients love how friendly, helpful and caring Liz is in every class.

In her free time Liz enjoys reading, hiking,  and writing songs.

Liz is a widow with  one great son.

Favorite Quote: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it” – Goethe

Five Starr Pilates & Fitness Instructors Margaret


Margaret’s background includes experience as a corporate executive in the Television Industry.

Her enthusiasm for Pilates began during her corporate years and became her personal “sanctuary” during that hectic time. Her appreciation and love for Pilates grew from a part time career into a full time career. Margaret is a certified Stott Mat and Reformer instructor with Injuries and Special Populations training and uses the Principles of Pilates to help clients of all levels find strength, flexibility and balance as a part to overall wellness. Her clients enjoy her passion and creating cueing.

In her spare time Margaret enjoys skiing, backpacking, and reading.

Favorite Quote: “…To Thine own self be true..” – Shakespeare

Five Starr Pilates & Fitness Instructors Mely


Mely earned her BA in Kinesiology from California State University Long Beach  in 2001 . She earned her AA in Liberal Arts in 1997.

Mely’s fitness education began in 1999 when she got her AFFA Mat certification.  In 2003 she became a Comprehensively Certified Pilates instructor though B.A.S.I.  In 2005 she took the Level 1 Gyrontonics certification course as an apprentice.

Being a former athlete gives Mely a distinct advantage while teaching.  She understands the need for balance with flexibility, strength, whole foods, nutrition and experience.  Mely’s experience and education helps her be a great instructor for fit clients, seniors injured and pre and post rehab clients as well.

Mely’s students love her fun personality and her vast education.  Her background as a former physical therapist aide brings a scientific attribute to her Pilates instruction.

In her spare time Mely enjoys yoga, time with her family, traveling and practicing catholicism.

Mely is 43 years old and has been married for 15 years.  She and her husband have 3 children 21, 9 and 7.

Favorite Quote:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”   Matthew 7:12

Five Star Pilates & Fitness Instructors Raquel


Raquel carries with her over 20 years experience as a fitness instructor.  She once was a bodybuilder and now enjoys the art of healing.

Clients love Raquel’s holistic approach to her Pilates classes and her positive loving energy.  Her challenging classes delivered with a smile and the greatest kindness will leave you feeling very satisfied!

Five Starr Pilates & Fitness Instructors Sarah


Sarah earned her Bachelor’s degree in English from California Statue University San Luis Obispo.  She began her fitness career in 2010 and recently earned her cycling certification.  Sarah has endless energy and a positive attitude.  Sarah connects with her clients who love her outgoing personality and energetic smile.

In her spare time Sarah cherishes her time with her 5 year old triplets and her husband.  Sarah is an animal lover too!  Sarah loves to run and has completed several half marathons.

Favorite Quote:  “You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.”  – David Viscott

Five Starr Pilates & Fitness Instructors Tommy


At 64 years old Tommy has been an avid indoor cyclist for years.  He is a protege of Beatrice’s.   She has encouraged him to become an instructor and mentored him now for a few years.

Tommy  loves to share his love for indoor cycling and infuse clients with his soulful oldies!  Tommy will take you on a ride down memory lane with his great playlists.  Come join Tommy no matter what your fitness level or your experience.  Tommy will meet you on the bike and make your fitness journey a little sweeter!

In his spare  time Tommy loves taking cycling classes of other instructors, watching basketball and football.

Favorite Quote:  “Go hard or go home.  I am already at home, so I have no choice but to go hard.”



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Five Starr Pilates & Fitness delivers an exceptional fitness experience for clients at all stages of their fitness journey.

Through stellar instruction, state-of-the-art equipment and a supportive family environment our clients are equipped with the tools necessary to propel them toward reaching their goals while developing a mind body connection.

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Five Starr Pilates & Fitness delivers an exceptional fitness experience for clients at all stages of their fitness journey. Through stellar instruction, state-of-the-art equipment and a supportive family environment our clients are equipped with the tools necessary to propel them toward reaching their goals while developing a mind body connection.