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Enrich your fitness journey in a fun and challenging Pilates group equipment class! Dedicated to creating a positive group class environment, Five Starr Pilates & Fitness provides dynamic full-body workouts in an intimate class setting of 6 clients per instructor. Gain flexibility, agility, and build strength. Learn to  control your body using the power of intelligent exercise that develops the mind-body connection, builds amazing core stability and strength.  Connect mentally and physically through this meaningful experience. Pilates will change your attitude about exercise. Add Pilates to your fitness journey and change your body!One reformer orientation private session is a prerequisite to taking any group reformer class.   This is to ensure familiarity with the language and basics of Pilates and the equipment set up of adjustable ropes, springs, foot bar and the carriage system. Your private orientation will be taught by knowledgeable Five Starr instructors who will help guide you to the classes best suited to your skill level and desired goals!

Come see what the MIND-BODY connection is all about!

Begin Your Journey * Free Your Mind * Illuminate Your Spirit

Private Orientation
  • Pre requisite for any Group Reformer class
  • Learn the 5 Basic Principles of Stott Pilates that you will utilize throughout your workouts
  • Ever wonder what kind of learner you are?  Do you need to hear it? Touch it?  See it?  Gain awareness of your personal style to help you tap into the MIND-BODY connection achieved through the art of Pilates.  Become familiar with what “intelligent exercise” can do for you.
  • Learn how to operate and set up the Stott Pilates reformer

  • 300 Calories Average
  • 60
  • Level

  • Instructors deliver a dynamic Pilates reformer workout  using exercises from one or more of the following  STOTT Pilates curriculums-
    • essential
    • intermediate
    • cardio trampoline
    • athletic conditioning
  • Instructor  personalizes the workout to fit the class needs
  • Modifications are made to deliver a sound full body workout for all levels
  • Class level is directed by the instructor based on the make up of the clientele

  • 350 Calories Average
  • 55
  • All

  • Level 1 Group Reformer class.  One private orientation required prior to first class
  • Offers an encouraging environment to learn the Stott Pilates fundamental and intermediate repertoire
  • Increases strength, flexibility, balance and promotes mental clarity via the mind-body connection.
  • Restores the natural curves of the spine and rebalances the muscles around the joints
  • Places emphasis on pelvic and scapular stabilization and integration of all the parts of the body into one
  • All fitness levels welcome.  Preparatory exercises and modifications allow the technique to be appropriate for many different body types and abilities

  • 350 Calories Average
  • 55
  • All

  • Expands on basics of Group Reformer 1 class
  • Level 2 Group Reformer class
  • Mixed level class – 20 Essential classes recommended as a pre requisite – (if in doubt see your instructor)
  • Modifications that further challenge and introduce advanced exercises of Stott Pilates
  • Increases endurance, core control, agility, balance, flexibility, conditioning, restore the spine and joints
  • Utilizes athletic conditioning on the reformer

  • 420 Calories Average
  • 55
  • Level

Cardio Trampoline meets Barre 
  • The cardio trampoline attaches to the reformer for a lying down trampoline jumping workout!
  • Energizing group reformer class
  • Increased heart rate burns more calories
  • Non weight bearing method is much easier on the joints and is a great alternative to running.
  • Jump horizontally against spring tension rather than gravity – great for knees and feet
  • Fun way to incorporate cardiovascular exercise into the Pilates repertoire – you have to try it – you will love it!
  • Interval training produces great results while getting in those booty blasting and leg leaning barre exercises too!!
  • All fitness levels welcome – modifications allow for all body types and abilities

  • 450 Calories Average
  • 55
  • All