Feel at Ease and Safe at Five Starr Pilates & Fitness...Where Your Safety is at Our Core!

Maintaining our stellar cleaning protocols has never been more important. Known as one of the cleanest fitness studios in Southern California, we take your safety seriously – we always have, but now we are kicking it up a notch. Keeping our staff and clients healthy will always remain #1 for us!

So what does all of that mean?

Here is what to expect from us and what we expect from you.

Let’s break it down:

  • Please take a moment to review our new Liability Waiver and electronically sign it when you log in to reserve classes. If you have not attested to the waiver you will have to do so in the studio on the iPad upon arrival.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class begins. There will be no drop ins. A reservation is now required.
  • Please proceed to your classroom and get set up for your workout. If equipment is being used for class in Pilates, it will be set out by the TV near the cycling room door. Collect your props and take a seat on your equipment. RIGHT BEFORE SITTING ON YOUR EQUIPMENT use hand sanitizer.
  • In the Pilates room each reformer has its own storage ottoman. We clean these after every class with essential oils known to disinfect and kill virus and infection. Please place your personal items in the ottoman and use it to sit on to take your shoes on and off.
  • All equipment will be clean when you arrive, but you may take a wipe and wipe down your equipment before using it if you wish.
  • The cycling room capacity has changed so as to create more distance between the bikes.
  • In the cycling room if you choose to use the ice and water dispenser please USE THE HAND SANITIZER BEFORE using the machine. Remember that frequent touch surfaces can spread germs, so if every finger that touches the ice or water button has hand sanitizer on it we are protecting one another.
  • Each reformer should be cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant wipes found in the wall dispenser. Wipe down inside the straps as well as the foot bar. Clean all props before replacing them in the appropriate storage area. We have purchased non porous dumbbells to add to our safety protocol. Please be sure to wipe down all surfaces of everything you touch during your workout.
  • Each bike should be cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant wipes found in the wall dispenser. Be sure to clean ALL sweat droplets that you can see on the floor or wall too. The handlebars, monitor and anything you touch should be wiped down.
  • After each class our staff will be sanitizing each room with ozone disinfectant or essential oils. Ottomans in Pilates and the bench in Cycling will be cleaned.
  • The Bathroom, front desk, water and ice machine and all door handles will be cleaned every half hour to hour.
  • Pilates clients must bring your own gripper mats. We have sets for sale for $1.00. Stop by the front desk for a set if you need some. Remember to clean your gripper mats too.
  • We will be using a commercial grade fogger to sanitize and disinfect all soft and hard surfaces. It is recommended to use this machine once a week, but we will be using it daily. This type of machine is used to clean airplanes, police cars and hospitals.
  • Five Starr Pilates & Fitness has completed The City of Long Beach SafeBiz Self Certification. Our certificate can be found in the studio along with numerous other CDC, State of California and LB Health Department guidelines to help us all stay healthy and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Educate yourself on the symptoms of COVID-19! If you have Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fever, Chills, Muscle Pain, sore throat, New loss of test or smell you SHOULD NOT ATTEND CLASS. We will waive the cancellation policy in this instance. You should seek to be tested and quarantine if necessary. See your medical provider for more information.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we deem is not practicing or observing safety protocols related to COVID-19 in order to keep other members and staff safe.

Although some things seem redundant or could possibly be a bother to you, it is our BOTTOMLINE GOAL to keep everyone healthy! WE ARE COMMITTED TO GOING THE EXTRA MILE TO KEEP YOU SAFE! Thank you for partnering with us to keep one another healthy!