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What You Will Experience Physically and Mentally in Your First Pilates Class?

Ready to see what this Pilates thing is all about? From the outside looking in it might seem pretty intimidating and downright scary when you see dancers and elite athletes partaking in the practice, not to mention those contraptions being used, right? But I am here to tell you that Pilates is for everyone! And best of all it can change your life…yes, even yours!! In your first Pilates class, you will immediately experience the benefits physically and mentally….let me tell you how:

What You’ll Experience Physically

Let’s first ease your mind about the severity and complexity of a first-time Pilates class. Pilates requires you to move slowly and precisely unlike many exercise routines. So in Pilates classes for beginners, you will learn the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of what we do, and I think that the first class really gives an in-depth dive into how much Pilates can change your life and why everyone should be doing it. 

I like to tell our clients that Pilates is like layering your knowledge in each class. You will never really perfect your practice, because you should always be learning something new in each class. You will learn a ton in your first Pilates class, but because we are all always learning, don’t expect perfection— ever!

The great thing about Pilates is no two classes are the same, so it is impossible to get bored. Even clients who take classes daily are always learning a new technique or flow that increases their physical abilities and mentally de-stresses them. So don’t feel intimated…we are all learning, whether in a first-time Pilates class or beyond.

In your first Pilates class, you will physically feel the engagement of small muscles that don’t require a lot of weight to improve.  After class, I bet you will even feel a little taller and more grounded…with a better sense of where your body is in space. This equates to better balance and agility as you attend more and more classes.

The next day I would bet you feel a little sore, you know the good sore when your body says, “Thank you for the workout, I needed that.” In Pilates classes for beginners and beyond you will feel the muscles being engaged and be given plenty of cueing to help you move most functionally.

What You’ll Experience Mentally

What I find most impressive is the mental clarity that comes from your first Pilates class. So imagine sitting on the reformer (our contraption of choice) and four or five other new clients are on their reformer while the instructor walks around giving direction and cues to all, helping each individually as needed.

So the instructor says to put your feet on the bar and push out with your legs, straighten them and once they are straight, return to the beginning position. It is a proven fact that we cannot hear that instruction and do it successfully while thinking about walking our dogs.

So here lies the magic…Pilates makes you focus on YOU! Yes, you get to reserve your space in class and shut out the world to follow specific detailed instructions that help you evolve into the best version of you!

This is proven to provide stress relief and improve cognitive function! This is what mind-body connection is all about…not meditation, not some tantric musical, but hearing with your ears, processing with your brain, and carrying out in your body! Sounds so simple, but it is really something we all must grow just like a muscle can grow, so can your connection to your own self!  You will begin your journey flexing mentally in your first-time Pilates class.

Bring an open mind to your first Pilates class and a smile…we will help you with the rest! Although it might sound like a slogan or tagline…the truth is Pilates can change your life! 

Enroll in First-Time Pilates Classes 

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