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The Primary Muscle Groups You Will Use in Your First Pilates Class

Clients always rave about core work…but just what is your core?  Most people think it is your stomach, but that is not entirely correct. So let’s talk about what muscle groups you will use in your first Pilates class and let’s EXPLORE THE CORE!

Starting a First-Time Pilates Class

In your first Pilates class, we are going to get you moving…teach you all about the reformer, and give you a wonderful jump-start to your Pilates practice. In beginner classes, you are going to get all the goods of a regular Pilates class. We will first learn how to use the reformer safely and properly, then we will dive into the best part…working our bodies!

Our program for a first pilates class is a short but complete one. We will first work on our legs. Can you imagine working out while lying down? Well, buckle up, because that is exactly what we will do! We will work all muscle groups of the lower body— the thighs, the calves, the shins, the hamstrings, the ankle joints, the feet, the inner thigh, the outer thigh, the pelvic floor, the lower spine muscles, the hip joint muscles, and all groups of the gluteus muscles. We can accomplish this in your first-time Pilates class on the reformer lying down on our backs with feet on the footbar.  

Moving to the Abdominals

From there we will begin work on the powerhouse in beginner pilates classes— our central muscle groups found in the center of the body—the abdominals!  We will incorporate the arm muscles, the muscles of the spine, the shoulder joint muscles, the neck muscles, and even the hip muscles into our ab exercises. If you haven’t started heating up and maybe even sweating by now, you will soon. The muscle groups being used in these exercises are the core muscles or the muscles closest to our bones. 

These muscles support the larger muscle groups (which we also work on). The core muscles are often underutilized and under-trained because the larger muscle groups get all the attention.  But that also can lead to injuries of the larger muscle groups with overuse and strain. So training the smaller muscles at our core prevents injuries!

Using the Straps on the Reformer

In a first-time Pilates class, we will move on to using the straps on the reformer. This is everyone’s favorite part of class. Placing the straps on your feet in your first Pilates class can seem to be intimidating, but it is really easy and we will be there to assist if you need it. Our exercises at this point are for the powerhouse— the center of the body— stability, the legs and glutes, and the spine. These will include the inner and outer thighs, which everyone wants to sculpt and tighten up!

We will finally stand up and reposition ourselves to a seated position on the reformer and work our arms, shoulders, spine and abdominals. Are you seeing a pattern yet? Doesn’t it sound like we incorporate many muscle groups into each exercise performed in your first-time Pilates class?

Closing Out Your First Pilates Class

By now we are nearing the end of class and it is time to stretch a bit. We will work on stretching the hips, the legs and the spine. We’ll teach you how to stretch and drain your hip flexors! Toxins are stored in the hip flexors so after a good stretch it is a great idea to follow up with a big glass of water once your first Pilates class is completed.

Getting Started with Your First-Time Pilates Classes

Ready to get started? Didn’t that sound fabulous and totally doable? Everyone can do Pilates! Even those with injuries! Our staff can guide you with modifications for any exercise— even if you are expecting we can come up with some great alternatives to accommodate your growing belly!

So don’t hesitate…give us a call or text to schedule your first Pilates classes today!

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