this little piggy


The other day I was reviewing google key word searches for our studio.  Was I amazed to find out just how many ways you can spell PILATES?   That same day the phone rang  and the caller asked “How much are PILOT classes?”  I thought that I was victim of a prank, until a professional I have hired read “Five Starr PILOTS and fitness” OUTLOUD to me.  WOW people really?  Is it me or isn’t Pilates phonetic?  

Until I saw PLODYS!  Plotis, pulattes, pillaatees, puloughtees.  WOW America!  Hooked on Phonics is still sold in an As Seen on TV store isn’t it?  Maybe on Amazon or Overstock?  LOL  For the record, Pilates was the last name of the man who invented the exercise method WE ALL LOVE at Five Starr Pilates & Fitness!

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