this little piggy

This little piggy went to Pilates…the pilates sock

 Joseph Pilates called his system of exercises Contrology‚ the control of the muscles and your movements. Now known as Pilates, this form of exercise is changing bodies into strong beings. Socks with grips are great as Pilates socks, and they can help with your control.

Non-Slip Grip
Pilates socks increase your control with the patented non-slip sole. They grip, so you don‚at have to worry about slipping on the foot bar of your Pilates reformer, or falling off the Pilates cadillac or chair.

Some socks  also have a horizontal stripe at the metatarsal head (where your foot and toes meet) that offers a visual cue for proper foot alignment during reformer, cadillac and mat workouts. It is an easy way for you and your instructor to notice and readjust as needed.
Where your feet go, your head and hands may soon follow. Wear our Pilates toe socks in class to ensure the cleanest surfaces on the Cadillac, reformer, and floor. Wear Pilates socks to class – slip out of your shoes (even flip flops) and head into class without your bare feet ever touching the studio floor. Pilates socks are great for instructors too!

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