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Lisa Valaika – Five Starr – Star of the Month!

Lisa Valaika is 52 years old and  a National Account Executive for Takeda Oncology.  Lisa, her husband, Joe and their daughter, Isabel have been clients at the studio since we first opened in 2013!  Back then Isabel was just a wee 8 or so years old and would play with her iPad on the cycling room benches during class.

Typically, Lisa tries to workout 5-7 hours  a week.  Over the years of competitive swimming, lifeguarding and marathoning, Lisa has found that her closest friends are those she has gotten to know through their shared love of fitness and adventure.  Lisa enjoys the fun family environment at Five Starr and we love her too!  Lisa finds that the workouts provide emotional and mental balance and that often after a challenging workout she is able to come up with her best ideas and even problem solve better.  Now that is a huge reason to workout,  isn’t it?

When it comes to her eating plan Lisa takes it one meal at a time.  She often is faced with time constraints like the rest of us and that doesn’t always lead to the best choices, but she is always striving to do better.  Lisa tries not to be too hard on herself when it comes to her food plan, but tackling it one meal or snack at a time makes it manageable for her.

The Valaika’s went through a whirlwind 2017.  Lisa lost her father, Lisa had to be evacuated off Mt. Kilimanjaro following a severe head trauma and then Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Thought it all, her family and friends and fitness have kept her strong.  Lisa just underwent her final breast cancer surgery in May and is anxious to get back to her routine.  We are so excited to have her back on the bike and as Lisa says “Sarah and Bea, save me a bike!”