let claudette inspire

Let Claudette Inspire you….

Claudette is a retired educator with a Language Development Specialist Credential.  While she was with Paramount Unified School District she considered a Star Teacher and trained new teachers.

Claudette reports that Pilates has helped her mobility, flexibility and strength.  Not being a self starter she enjoys having a class to come to at a given time – this keeps her consistent and motivated.   She has been practicing Pilates for 11 years and it has become her exercise of choice.  She no longer slumps or slouches.  She carries her body with grace and great posture.  As a girl Claudette was put in corrective gym classes and wore a back brace, so enjoying the many benefits that Pilates has provided to her body is very gratifying considering where she has come from.

The Pilates discipline has made Claudette more aware of her body movements and position.  She reports that Pilates has made the biggest difference in her lower body  – allowing her to lose inches.  Her body is sleek and sculpted.  Claudette sees her glutes lifted and she is so thankful that her thighs no longer rub together!  Hey that is a great pay off isn’t it?

Finally and by no means lastly, because of Pilates Claudette hasn’t had an epidural injection since 2012.  Pilates has definitely made Claudette a better version of herself!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet and be inspired by Claudette – please make a point to do so.  She always arrives early for her 6pm Pilates class and can often be found sticking around after class to encourage a new member or share some insight with me or any other member at the studio. Five Starr Pilates & Fitness is definitely a better place with Claudette on the roster!

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