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How to Pick the Perfect Local Pilates Class in Orange County

Pilates, named after its creator, a German man named Joseph Pilates, has become a very important exercise to incorporate into your workout routines. It is a high-endurance workout that emphasizes proper alignment, balance, improved coordination, breathing, and a stronger core— this is why we recommend everyone take a Pilates class in Orange County. 

Its benefits include: improved flexibility, muscle strength, better balance, increased agility, etc. It can be modified to suit a student’s difficulty level, making it the perfect workout routine for all ages and all fitness levels. Unlike so many other exercise routines, Pilates doesn’t put stress or impact on joints.

Pilates classes in Orange County have become increasingly popular because it’s effective, enjoyable, and can be modified to serve a wide variety of body types and pathologies. Choosing the perfect local pilates class can be challenging, but with a little bit of knowledge, choosing a Pilates studio doesn’t have to be scary. 

Knowing what to look for will help you feel confident as you check out local studios and even attend your first class:

Group Pilates Classes or Private Sessions

While private sessions are more effective (especially for beginners as the instructor’s complete focus is on you), there are group Pilates classes in Orange County that can be more budget-friendly and can also accommodate your difficulty level.

If you opt for a group Pilates class in Orange County, ensure that the student-teacher ratio is not more than 8:1.  At Five Starr Pilates & Fitness, we have carefully planned our class structure to give each client the attention and instruction they deserve in a group setting.  Keeping our classes small helps us provide a learning environment for all fitness levels, as we are able to make modifications for all clients.

The Music Should Either Be Low or Nonexistent

Generally, Pilates is about focus, concentration, and calm, controlled movement. With music blasting through the speakers, it would be difficult to hear the instructor and you might be unable to focus and relax into the routines.  Also, an instructor yelling through a mic can be equally distracting.  So look for a Pilates class in Orange County that creates a sound environment for your learning style and that supports the true intentions of Pilates.

Well Trained Instructors

Instructors should be attentive, helpful, and kind. They should also encourage safe movement rather than just working you so hard that you feel the burn regardless of your form. Good reputable instructor programs include 500+ hours of training practice and student teaching.  These instructor modules take place over many months. Pilates is not a certification you get on a weekend, by no means. So when looking for a local Pilates studio look for one that hires well-qualified staff for your Pilates class in Orange County.


If you have more than one option that seems like a good fit for you, consider the location of the studio and how it will fit into your daily routine. If you have to drive across town through traffic just to attend a one-hour class, you’re less likely to attend on a regular basis. Perhaps a studio close to work will get you into a class right after work and allow you to avoid traffic on your way home.

Class Offerings

When looking for a studio to take Pilates classes in Orange County consider the class schedule and how that fits your lifestyle.  Remember to look for a schedule that will keep you consistent so you are seeing and feeling results!


It’s important to first visit a few studios and observe the clients before or after a class. Ask for a tour of the studio and see how everyone gets along. Is there a sense of community and engagement or do most people keep to themselves and seem hardcore uber-focused?  Find the vibe that best suits your style and you are more than likely to stay committed to a studio that fits your learning and social style.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise and therapy— it can also be offered for pregnant women (its benefits to them are becoming more apparent), seniors, and people with arthritis or mobility problems. Pick the right Pilates class in Orange County, incorporate Pilates into your workout routine, and unlock the power of your body!

Five Starr Pilates Classes in Orange County

Five Starr Pilates & Fitness offers a variety of classes for every age and experience level. Check out our new client special to get started! 

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