Pilates reformer classes, reformer Pilates classes

Additional Benefits of Reformer Pilates Classes

Beyond the physical and mental health benefits that workout out offers, here are some additional benefits of reformer Pilates classes:

  • Full Body Workout: These classes challenge every muscle from head to toe in an hour or less.

  • High Intensity Yet Gentle: These classes offer an intense workout that is low impact and gentle and joints.

  • Excellent for Building Core Strength: Along with targeting the entire body, these classes are especially amazing for toning the core.

  • Improves Posture and Balance: These workouts are an effective way to improve posture, enhance flexibility, and challenge your balance thanks to the instability of the rolling carriage and resistance of the springs.

  • Functional Movement: The dynamic, full-range motions involved in these are excellent for functional training.

  • Helps Build Strong Bones: The resistance and variety of movements in Pilates reformer classes can help build strong bones.

  • Unique Movements: The Pilates reformer uses eccentric contractions (where a muscle lengthens as it resists a force) to achieve long, lean, sleek muscles.

  • Suitable for All Fitness Levels: Aside from completing our Intro to Pilates class, all levels are welcome for Pilates classes. Whether you are completely new to Pilates and working out or are an advanced practitioner, there are always ways to challenge yourself with the reformer. As well, there are always modifications that can be made to accommodate injuries, pre and post-natal and everything in between.

Getting Started with Reformer Pilates Classes

Pilates reformer classes are life-changing and truly anyone can benefit from them. View our new client special or contact us to get started at Five Starr Pilates & Fitness! 

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