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How Pilates Reformer Classes Help Build Healthy Habits

I am the girl who exercised for 3 months every year and dreaded it. I committed every January to do better and by April I was bored. My mom suggested I try Pilates reformer classes when I was in my late twenties after having a baby and like every good daughter, I didn’t listen and had to figure it out myself.

So I continued on the treadmill, elliptical, recumbent bike, step aerobics, walking, you name it I tried it! But NOTHING kept my attention. I really disliked those who said they loved to exercise. What was wrong with these people? I concluded I didn’t have the exercise gene.

When I exercised, I couldn’t turn off my head. I stayed stuck in thoughts of the house, the dishes, the kids, the dogs, the laundry, the vacation…all things I should be doing instead of the class or activity I was doing. I realize now I was not present with myself.

First-Time Pilates Class

Fast forward to 2010, I decided to finally listen to my mama and search for Pilates classes in Long Beach. I headed out to every business that Google sent me to in Long Beach looking for a first-time Pilates class. I soon learned all that advertise Pilates are not created equal. I was looking for this machine to work out on and do Pilates. I was looking for Pilates Reformer Classes, but every place I visited did Yoga or Mat Pilates. I ended up having to drive 30 minutes to a studio to take my first-time Pilates class.

I found myself quite intimidated taking my first-time Pilates class, after all, remember I only worked out 3 months a year – maybe! I took a private orientation and found it quite entertaining. Soon the instructor said my session was done and I sat up and looked at the clock in shock. I had taken my first time Pilates class for a full hour without ONE thought of kids, house or chores! I WAS HOOKED! I had grown my exercise gene in just one session!

Practicing Mind-Body Connection

Over the next few weeks, I became addicted to this daily “checkout.” For the first time in my adult life, I was connecting with myself by practicing mind-body connection. If you had asked me what that was, I would have told you it was some kind of Zen meditation that I surely couldn’t do. But what I have learned is that the Mind-Body connection is listening to instruction with the mind and carrying it out in the body. This is an amazingly healthy habit that I have only found in Pilates Reformer classes.

Over time my body began to change. My hips didn’t hurt when I gardened. My balance improved and I became more agile. I felt motivated each day to get to Pilates Reformer Classes. I was one of those people who loved to exercise! By the end of that year, I would begin cycling classes that furthered my endurance. Three years later I would open Five Starr Pilates & Fitness near my home, just 5 minutes away instead of 30!

The Ways Pilates Reformer Classes Help Build Healthy Habits

Here are some ways I have learned that reformer classes help build healthy habits:

  1. Scheduling classes ahead of time keeps you accountable to yourself— self-love.
  2. Practicing mind-body connection is vital to cognitive health.
  3. Pilates Reformer classes in Long Beach de-stress the entire body and mind.
  4. Pilates Reformer classes build lean muscle.
  5. Pilates Reformer classes lengthen muscles and strengthen all muscles with a specific focus on supporting muscles in the body that provide stability and strength to the larger muscles we often overuse and thus injure.
  6. Pilates Reformer classes prevent injuries in all people…beginners to elite athletes.
  7. Pilates classes in Long Beach are life-changing!

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