outdoor pilates class

Check Out ALL That We Have For You OUTDOORS!

Here are some great photos of our  outdoor studio!

We have taken all of the details from our indoor offerings and pivoted to provide the same stellar workouts with those Five Starr touches to our outdoor studio.  

Weather, fires, daylight savings have all  kept us on our toes to say the least!  Just when we exhale here comes another challenge, but healthy is healthy and we are VERY committed to the health of our staff and clients.  

With daily sanitation of all equipment, a tireless moving team, dedicated instructors and oh so committed clients we have risen to the occasion and truly are a shining example of what PIVOTING and ADAPTING in the midst of a pandemic.

We could’t be prouder of each and every person who graces this studio!  Building immunity, staying healthy has never been more important and you all have shown GREAT HEART and we are so grateful for each of YOU!

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