this little piggy

This little piggy went to Pilates…the pilates sock

 Joseph Pilates called his system of exercises Contrology‚ the control of the muscles and your movements. Now known as Pilates, this form of exercise is changing bodies into strong beings. Socks with grips are great as Pilates socks, and they can help with your control. Non-Slip GripPilates socks increase your control with the patented non-slip sole. …

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flexible benefits

Flexible Benefits

Flexible Benefits We take part in aerobic activity to improve our cardiovascular endurance and burn fat. We weight-train to maintain lean muscle tissue and build strength. Those are the two most important elements of a fitness program, right? Actually, there are three important elements. Often neglected is flexibility training. That neglect is regrettable, because flexibility …

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pilates moma

Pilates Mama….Oh yeah baby!!

Pilates has the perfect recipe to keep you in shape throughout every trimester.  Not only will it keep you strong and flexible, but it’s the perfect antidote to the discomforts associated with your pregnancy. The (big!) added bonus? Because Pilates work engages your deepest core muscles, pelvic floor, hips and spine, you’ll develop muscle strength …

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