a starr is born

A Starr is Born: The Beginning of Five Starr Pilates & Fitness

Once upon a time I exercised for three months a year because I had to, because every magazine, news story and commercial said I HAD TO.  I spent hours on cardio equipment, sweated a little, messed up my hair and thought incessantly about all of the things I could be doing instead. Exercise was a chore I did with the same enthusiasm as washing the dishes. But I longed for some escape, to find an exercise I truly enjoyed. Then I heard about this MIND-BODY connection thing and thought it was some kind of meditation.  Meditate?  Yeah right, I surely would fall asleep.  Was this another fitness fad? Just one more thing I wouldn’t like and later feel guilty about eventually quitting?

In 2008 I made another New Year’s resolution to get fit.  I decided to try Pilates reformer classes.  Luck would be mine as I stumbled upon John Garey Fitness and Pilates and took my first class.  I found myself having to really listen to the instructor then follow the directions given, listen to the cueing and do the things asked of me.  Before I knew it an hour had passed, and WAIT not one chance to think about the kid’s SAT scores or the plumber who didn’t show up last Tuesday.

Could this be what that MIND-BODY connection was all about?  I fell in love instantly with the teaching, and felt inspired to keep coming back for more.  It was like a honeymoon every class, the euphoria of a new love!

Soon I would find myself on a stationary bike in an indoor cycling class, even wearing those funny cycling shoes!  The music and energy of indoor cycling was addicting, not to mention the phenomenal calorie burn!

Soon indoor cycling was a habit. Could it be I liked to exercise?  YES!

After my youngest child went off to college, I found myself contemplating what I wanted to be when I grew up.   I believed that I was not the exception to the rule and that many others could benefit from the MIND-BODY connection, they just needed to find a place where they could learn to tap into their own strength and escape the demands of their daily lives for just an hour.  Soon I had aspirations of opening a fitness studio that gave people of all fitness levels the opportunity to discover physical activities they could fall in love, just as I had. I believed with some great branding, a beautiful environment, outstanding instruction & impeccable customer service that exercise experiences could be special each time, fitness aspirations could evolve and lives would be transformed. This is my “pay it forward” in life; to help others begin their fitness journey and to fall in love with exercise.

The combination of Pilates and indoor cycling has helped me stay on my fitness journey, but most importantly help me find the sanctuary within myself where I escape and ground myself.  I have given myself no greater gift! And so I invite you to begin your fitness journey with me at Five Starr Pilates & Fitness, in order to find your own Mind-Body connection and develop a love for movement and aspiring fitness.

Our signature Reformer/Cycle classes provide clients with a wonderful combination of lengthening and toning the stabilizing muscles of the body (core) and a fierce calorie burn of 20 minutes of indoor cycling. Or maybe you want to cycle for a full hour or a bike reserved for you?  No more waiting in line at a big gym.  Enjoy our online booking system and you only need arrive in time to change your shoes and set up your bike, we even provide the towel!  You can cycle with us for only $9 for 2 full weeks…come as often as you want for 2 weeks and begin your love affair with the energy of the music and our dynamic instructors.  Or perhaps you are new to

Pilates and want to try this reformer contraption out?  Then check out our three 30 minute private sessions special for only $75.00.  View our Special Offers.

I continue to be inspired along my own fitness journey at Five Starr Pilates & Fitness….what are you waiting for?  Come join me!  Check out our class schedule, sign up for a class and start your journey!

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