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Beginner Pilates Classes in Long Beach….Pilates is for EVERYONE! 0 Comments

Beginner Pilates Classes in Long Beach….Pilates is for EVERYONE!

Pilates attracts everyone from grandmas to executives with its promise of core strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone. But as Pilates transforms from a professional dancers’ secret to a mainstream workout, many newcomers wonder if they should be rolling out a mat to do their Pilates, or strapping in...

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Paleo a la Wendy – Chicken Adobo 0 Comments

Paleo a la Wendy – Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo Paleo From the kitchen of our Magnificent Client – Wendy Hernandez Ingredients: 2lbs. Chicken Thighs skinless 1 cup apple cider vinegar 1 cup coconut aminos 6-8garlic cloves, crushed 1 tsp. black peppercorns 6 bay leaves Coconut oil/olive oil 1/2 medium yellow onion, diced (optional)* Chicken stock (optional)*...

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MIX IT UP! 0 Comments


Regardless if you perform a combination of overall fitness training or a single aspect fitness program, it is important to properly design/spread your workouts and to implement rest days into your program. A complete program that combines the following elements is ideal for anyone working to achieve overall fitness....

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The Gift of Fitness…Not Flowers! 0 Comments

The Gift of Fitness…Not Flowers!

Administrative Professionals Day is April 23, 2014! Why not surprise the professional in your life with the GIFT OF FITNESS instead of flowers that only die! Join the many local businesses who are investing in their employees by gifting fitness classes and nutritional counseling to their employees this year!...

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How to Pack the Perfect Salad in a Jar 2 Comments

How to Pack the Perfect Salad in a Jar

What You Need Ingredients 1-4 tablespoons salad dressing Mix of raw and cooked vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, cheese, and other salad ingredients Salad greens Equipment Wide-mouth canning jars with tight-fitting lids: pint jars for side salads, quart jars for individual meal-sized salads, 2-quart jars (or larger) for...

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Pilates Deals & Cycling Deals 0 Comments

Pilates Deals & Cycling Deals

With Daily Deals and Hot lists popping up everywhere it can be tough to choose the best option to get started at a fitness center.  We think you can feel and even begin to see the many benefits of Pilates Reformer training in just 5 sessions!  That is why...

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Spring Pizzas 0 Comments

Spring Pizzas

Total Time:  50 min Prep:  35 min Cook:  15 min Yield:four 6-inch pizzas Level:Easy Ingredients 1 pound pizza dough All-purpose flour, for dusting 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for brushing and drizzling 6 ounces ramps or scallions, trimmed Kosher salt 1 cup ricotta cheese 1 teaspoon grated...

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Foot Fitness Tips 0 Comments

Foot Fitness Tips

Are you walking with sore feet? Running with weak ankles? Dancing with tired toes? Cycling with stiff calves? Find yourself stuck all day sitting behind a desk with knee or back pain? Discover easy ways to start alleviating all these little aches and pains with a few quick and...

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Before: Whole Wheat Toast with Sliced Banana and Cinnamon When it comes to gearing up for workout, carbs are your gym BFF. The key is to have a mixed bag of complex and simple ones so that the release of energy during your workout is slow and steady throughout your...

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It’s all in the Hips…hip flexors 0 Comments

It’s all in the Hips…hip flexors

Whether you run long distance, sit in a chair all day, or find yourself some­where in between those extremes, today I’m going to show you a key stretch that is going to make you feel fantastic! Our chal­leng­ing modern lifestyle pretty much guar­an­tees we’ll need to stretch our hip flexors if...

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